Plots and Themes of To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee managed to stir public consciousness at the time she wrote the book To Kill A Mockingbird in the year 1960. The theme was extremely controversial along with telling this gripping story from the standpoint of a 10 year old girl. This is often the reason that certain individuals prefer To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook compared to the paperback.

Over and above the preference in the version, the story about To Kill A Mockingbird is still considered to be a timeless tale. This is because the specific theme still continues to occur in this present time in a less obvious and subtle fashion.

The Plot

The plot of the To Kill A Mockingbird audio and novel involves a supposed rape that was committed by Tom Robinson a black man against Mayella Ewell a white woman and how Atticus Finch a widowed attorney, the father of the main character Scout. He puts up a strong yet unsuccessful defense for Tom Robinson.

In the To Kill A Mockingbird audiobook version, this serious theme can be appreciated in a far better way. This is due to the dialogues and words used in an audio device have been expressed using passion that is not experienced when one reads the book. This is very true for the character Scout who unwittingly or wittingly was exposed to racial prejudice from a very young age.

The majority of events that unfold in this story are extremely intense in relation to the theme. This novel came out at the time when there were important social changes that were imminent, however, many individuals did not want to acknowledge these changes. Given these circumstances, it seemed fitting that this book was presented in other methods other than written. Today, the free download for To Kill A Mockingbird Audiobook is available for the current generation to enjoy.

To Kill A Mockingbird is still considered as one of the greatest American novels. Published in the year 1960, the novel won the Pulitzer Prize and is still a standard set text in several school districts around America and other countries across the globe. In addition, the story has since been translated into more than 40 languages and is now available in an unabridged and superior quality audiobook.

Summary On The Plot Of To Kill A Mockingbird

The story begins in the sleepy and small town of Maycombe in Alabama in the early part of the 1930ís. The story is narrated by Scout, the 6 year old daughter to the widowed lawyer known as Atticus Finch. As the story begins, Scout has had a relatively happy childhood. She has spent long summers with her friend Dill and brother Jem on imaginative adventures and under the guidance of her loving father.

This changes when Atticus Finch gets involved in defending the black man Tom Robinson, who has been accused with the rape of a white lady. Jem and Scout soon experience the racist wrath of their conservative community. They are soon bullied and cast out by their fellow peers and also judged harshly by the adults in Maycombe. The story portrays the confusion and heartbreak of these children who are suddenly thrown into a situation of judgment, violence and harsh discrimination.

The Main Themes

The prominent themes included in To Kill A Mockingbird audiobook include:

Social Discrimination

Before Scoutís father takes on the case of Tom Robinson, the girl is totally unaware of inequality that has existed all around.

Childhood Innocence

The story makes it very clear that through the experiences of the two children that children were not born as being racist and that hatred and discrimination are learned from the traits of adults. When Jem and Scout lose their innocence the story suggests that children are born to think that the world and people are good until such stage that they exposed to the truth.

Good And Evil

Scout also learns that the concept of ìgood and evilî is not as simple as the concepts portrayed in fairy tales. She goes onto learn that good-and-evil actually co-exists in the individuals who reside in her community.

To Kill A Mockingbird, is a book that is advisable for children and adults of all ages, and audio versions make this particular task less daunting.…

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